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Healthcare Platform

A startup that needed iOS app development
A healthcare startup company located in Seoul, Korea needed support for a mobile app development. This ios app development was completed promptly and successfully in just two months with App Doctor.

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When startup companies develop a mobile app, they usually have to choose one among Android or iOS. Because success isn’t guaranteed, the expense of making both apps would be a burden for the company. But once the application is developed with one version, then it’s much faster to make another version of the app. This company was growing and getting a lot of attention from the media based on their ability to handle healthcare and environmental pollution. The company launched an Android app first and was planning to develop an iOS app afterwards. planning to develop an iOS app right after. But the company couldn't find an appropriate and reliable mobile app development company that could utilize the government's business support program. could utilize the government’s business support program.


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    iOS App Development

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    2 Months

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